After Birth Rehab

V-Hab by Healthy Bumps is run by Exercise Physiologists and mums who specialise in rehab after birth. Whether vaginal or via caesarean section, birth is a major event that changes your body, impacting mothers to differing degrees. V-HAB is a dedicated program that focuses on pelvic floor rehabilitation and training as well as core strength to have mums safely exercise after birth.

It is perfectly normal for post-natal women to experience pelvic health conditions and appropriate exercise and treatment returns most women to their pre-pregnancy state. V-HAB’s mission is to return women to exercise safely lowering your chances of prolapse and incontinence later in life or with additional pregnancies.


  • Learn to engage your pelvic floor and core properly
  • Decrease your chances of incontinence and prolapse
  • Gain strength and confidence to return to exercise
  • Assist abdominal separation
  • Slowly and gently build up your pelvic floor and core again with gradual progressions each week
  • Weekly take home challenges to maximise your progress
  • Meet like minded mummas in the fresh outdoors.

V-HAB – 6 week Starting Program

If you haven’t returned to exercise post birth or have just had a baby and want to do things properly to avoid incontinence and prolapse down the track, our initial six week V-HAB program is for you.

Our 6 week V-HAB program starts with very gentle rebuilding of deep core muscles and strength and has been safely designed in consultation with Women’s Health Physios. The program gives you the basic core engagement exercises to allow you to safely progress to your exercise goals.

Our classes are run outdoors, pending weather and bubs are welcomed/encouraged to attend. Our friendly Exercise Physiologists are excellent pram rockers!

For more information on classes or to book visit our Facebook group.

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Vagina Rehab Program is run by Exercise Physiologists who are also mums.

Owner Alison Taylor is an accredited Exercise Physiologist with two kids herself who has been through the damages of childbirth and pregnancy.

They studied the causes, implications, prevalence and treatment of incontinence and prolapse issues and want to help women return to exercise properly so that they too don’t become one of the stats with these serious issues.

1 in 4 Australian Women have Incontinence and/or Prolapse

  • We’ll be strategically and slowly rebuilding your core and pelvic floor through specific techniques of the Vagina Rehab Program that Alison has put together through her research and experience over the last few years, and consultation with Doctors and Physiotherapists.
  • Session will only go for 40mins, with a short strengthening Tabata style workouts after the Vagina Rehab session for those who are keen. These are designed to safely strengthen your thighs, glutes and core to progress you back to your desired exercise routine. Total of 45 mins for Vagina Rehab and short Tabata.
  • Everyone will have similar age babies, sometimes your baby will be great, sometimes you’ll feel like you get nothing done. We’ve done this for years and will ensure no matter how loud your baby is we’ll be able to modify so you get some rehab every session.

V-HAB Pelvic Floor Friendly (PF) Bootcamps

Following graduation from V-HAB, we also host a pelvic floor friendly bootcamp where we work with your physio to properly progress you back into more rigorous exercise including running, jumping and lifting light weights.

Our PF Bootcamps aim to give you some fitness and whole-body strength back, after an initial focus on core strength and pelvic floor re-engagement during V-HAB.

During our V-HAB bootcamps, we increase your loading and movement based on your specific individual position and progress. We do NOT make everyone in the session do the same thing. It’s based on where you are and how you are managing during your post birth journey. The idea with bootcamp is to safely prepare you during your post-partum recovery to have your body equipped to take on regular gyms, sport and other exercise activities without the injuries and pelvic floor issues we so commonly when not done correctly.

Similar to our 6 week program, V-Hab PF Bootcamps are run outdoors, pending weather and bubs are welcome.

For more information on classes or to book visit our Facebook group.

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What to Bring

For every session, please bring:

  • A towel or mat (or both)
  • Any baby gear to help them sleep (carrier/pram etc)
  • All other Equipment will be provided by Healthy Bumps

Alternatively, contact us if you want to make a private V-Hab group for a time that suits you (and your mum friends) – info@healthybumps.com.