Active Pregnancy Classes

Our Exercise Physiologists run classes out of our studio in Terrigal on Thursday at 5:30pm. We also run Workshops and are available for private classes anywhere on the Central Coast.

Come and join us, for the health of you AND your growing bump.

These classes will provide pregnant women with safe and effective exercise sessions for all Trimesters, fitness levels and pregnancy symptoms.

  • Prepare for the epic event of labour
  • Safely Strengthen pelvic floor and core to prevent the severity of pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, abdominal separation and other complications we only deal with after they occur.
  • Modifications for all complications like pelvic or back pain, carpel tunnel etc.
  • Improve or maintain fitness and strength levels in a safe environment.
  • Get motivated to workout, with other pregnant women who feel the same as you.
  • Run by Exercise Physiologists who are mums so we are not only qualified for pregnancy exercise prescription but we know how you feel and what modifications you need.

It’s proven that even a little bit of exercise each week will improve the health of you and your growing bump.

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