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If you are pregnant you might be feeling:

  • Tired and fatigued with the last thing on your mind being to do some exercise.
  • Scared that you might hurt yourself or your developing baby.
  • Unsure how to modify your exercise routine to safely get a work out done so you’re avoiding it.
  • Nervous about who’s information is correct and safe.
  • You might already have some back or pelvic pain which are aggravated by even walking.
  • You might have been told to rest but really you are safe to do modified exercise.

Well you’re in luck! We are qualified to help you.

You are one step closer to making a healthier you and a healthy bump!

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This is a snap shot summary of what our sessions can look like for our members. This session is a whole body workout and is for all trimesters as we give two different modifications to suit a large variety of conditions. It is very important that you have been given clearance to exercise by your treating doctor.