What are we usually asked about?

  • Do I have to cancel my membership once I have had my baby?

    The memberships are set up to automatically finish the day before your due date, so that you can keep moving and be part of the support right up to the end. An email reminder will be sent to you in the week leading up to your due date in case you wanted to cancel earlier.

  • Do I need consent from my Doctor?

    We expect all women to have consent from the their Doctor before undertaking this program. Doctors have a range of opinions on what exercise is and isn’t safe. We encourage you to provide the details of this program to your Doctor. We provide a number of modifications for carpel tunnel, Pelvic girdle pain, Pubic symphysis, back pain, knee pain to name a few.

  • Don’t I need to see one of you in person?

    Certainly not. The program is all online with private and live access to our Exercise Physiologist if you need assistance. The video tutorials are VERY in-depth (unlike many programs), and we take you through the process step-by-step. There are introductory videos for those that are new to this type of exercise and there are videos for those ready to get into it.

  • Is this safe for me and my developing baby?

    Yes. Exercise is actually proven to improve the health of both you and your baby.

    Of course there are some certain contraindications that mean you should avoid certain types of exercise. So we tell all members to get clearance from their Doctor before starting the program. Given we are Exercise Physiologists, we know how to modify exercises to either avoid or target certain areas. I was told I was high risk at 16 weeks pregnant after my placenta bled. After asking the Doctor exactly what muscles should be avoided, I was able to design myself a safe program to continue an exercise program.

  • How can I be sure that this program will help me?

    I’ve been through pregnancy. I know how you feel so mixing that with our expertise and evidence based training we’ve designed a program to get results for all types of pregnancies. We will also help get you motivated which can be one of the biggest barriers for pregnant women.

  • Why this online program and not one of the others?

    We are mums AND specialists in the function of the human body. Firstly, I would not put yours and your developing babies safety in anyone hands that doesn’t tick those two boxes.

    There are plenty of programs out there. How we differ is the live sessions we do so you feel the accountability and motivation you get from booking into a gym class. We also offer a range of services like Yoga, Pilates, Circuits, High Intensity Aerobic Sessions and Naturopathy just to name a few. We’re your one stop shop. We also keep in contact with you to ensure your goals are met, whether it be to progress your strength and fitness or just maintain a level of activity.