About Us


Meet our team

Alison Taylor is an Exercise Physiologist with more than 10 years’ experience – as well as a being a new mum!

Healthy Bumps was born from Alison’s passion for prescribing exercise that’s useful, supportive, challenging and engaging, after she experienced a lack of appropriate options during her own pregnancy.

Together with her team of dedicated mums and Exercise Physiologists and other Allied Health Providers, Alison understands first-hand how to overcome the obstacles of motivation and fatigue, as well as any physical constraints or fears.

Alison believes that there is no condition that should stop you from exercising during your pregnancy, as every woman deserves specialist-prescribed advice to suit her needs.


What makes Healthy Bumps the best choice for mums-to-be?

We are different as we are Exercise Physiologists, tertiary-qualified specialist in exercise for all types of bodies and conditions, with a special focus on needs during pregnancy. We are not just personal trainers or life coaches. We use evidenced based research to prescribe appropriate and safe exercise prescribe.

Our professional team runs specialty Physiology Exercise classes for women both during their pregnancies, and in the weeks that follow.

The unique program not only designed and run by Exercise Physiologists but is endorsed by Physiotherapists, Doctors and other allied health professionals who are also mums. We know how you feel and what you need to optimise the health of you and your developing baby.

With a focus on evidence based, pregnancy-appropriate cardio and strength, the Healthy Bumps classes give participants the chance to go at their own pace, and work as little or as much as they please.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded mums who are going through the same life-changing process.


What is an exercise physiologist? + how do they help pregnant women?

Exercise Physiologists are some of the only qualified professionals who can prescribe exercise to pregnant women. They are very different to personal trainers and yoga instructors.

In their four years of intensive University study and training, they’ve thoroughly learned the anatomy of the body and how this is impacted by
pregnancy. They use the latest research and evidenced based practice along with their knowledge of the body to safely modify exercise to allow women to continue to achieve their goals no matter what pregnancy symptom or condition of the individual. Even with conditions like gestational diabetes, hip pain, back pain and pubic symphysis, carpel tunnel, there are ways to continue to exercise to improve the strength and health for you and your developing baby.

In creating their program, the team at Healthy Bumps has collaborated with doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other exercise physiologists to tailor specific exercises for each stage of pregnancy.