Prenatal Exercise with Experts

A speciality platform of classes run by Exercise Physiologists.

Keeping active during pregnancy

Some women have the energy and motivation to continue their vigorous exercise routines and bootcamp style training.

The good news is you don’t have to, the bar can be significantly lowered but you do need to follow the basic exercise guidelines.

Which is where we can help you. Research has proven that exercise is vital for preventing gestational conditions like diabetes and pre- eclampsia along with post birth complications like organ prolapses which almost 50% of vaginal births experience later in life.

Fitness and strength
Fitness and strength

Maintain or improve your cardio fitness and strength – useful when you consider the weight you’re about to be carrying in your arms all day!

Reduce Complications
Reduce Complications

Improve your pelvic floor strength which can reduce a number of post-pregnancy complications, chronic abdominal separation and assist with the endurance event of labour.

Mental Health
Mental Health

Support your mental health, mood, and get back some of that long-lost energy.

Weight Management
Weight Management

Learn to manage your weight appropriately without watching the scales.

Gestational diabetes
Gestational Diabetes

Reduce your chance of developing gestational diabetes, which can develop into Type 2 diabetes for both you and your new baby.

Improve Circulation
Improve Circulation

Improve your circulation.

Pains and Complications
Lessen Pain

Lessen any back pain, pelvic pain and related complications.

Improve Sleep
Improve Sleep

Get a better night’s sleep (and reduce the number of times you need to run to the bathroom!).

Already had your baby?

You’re ready for V-HAB pelvic floor & core rehab.

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What People Are Saying?

I am loving the gentle but heart pumping exercise classes, and the interaction with Alison. The fact that the classes are live over the net makes them so accessible! I am recommending Healthy Bumps to all my pregnant friends all over Australia.
Healthy Bumps became the highlight of my week during pregnancy. Being active in a safe and supportive environment while connecting with other mums helped me not only to stay healthy, but also sane! I highly recommend it for any mum-to-be.
Just wanted to give a quick thank you to Alison, Vanessa and the rest of the team at Healthy Bumps. Alison and her team were full of great tips which I can now do at home. I now feel confident and comfortable to exercise on my own in a safe way that will improve my strength and make for a better pregnancy. Thank you Healthy Bumps, you guys are an amazing team!
Love Healthy Bumps classes. I wasn't very active pre pregnancy so was a little nervous trying this out while pregnant but was quickly put at ease, felt really comfortable asking questions and love how intimate the classes are. I now feel confident to continue these classes until I am full term.
Thanks girls for a great session! It was really well presented and interesting, plus the booklet has been great to go over at home. Thanks for taking the time to go over the exercises, it was good to know how to check we were doing them safely. Would highly recommend!
Great interactive and informative workshop with Alison & Co. at North Avoca! Perfect for those in early pregnancy through to the later stages, with lots of expert advice and exercises to do throughout your whole pregnancy. Great that they focused on the importance of pelvic floor strength too and how to engage it during exercise. Highly recommended and a great way to meet soon to be mums in the area too!